How To Check Oil Leakage In Porsche Exhaust System?

Porsche exhaust : An oil leak in the exhaust pipe is a common problem in certain older Porsche cars. But, most people don’t know that the trail is not always related to the oil. Here are some tips to find the reason behind an oil leak in the exhaust pipe of a Porsche car and find the most suitable solution to solve.

Porsche Exhaust

How to detect oil leak in the exhaust pipe of a car?

The oil leak in exhaust pipe of a car often confuses many people and, so, it is important to understand two specific steps: how does the engine oil reach in exhaust pipe and how to check if the liquid is poured from the engine or any other location. For this answer, you must carefully observe the structure of exhaust pipe and the car engine and take the following steps:

  • Check the end of exhaust tube: First thing you should do to determine the reason for a leak is thoroughly check the condition of exhaust pipe. You should wear gloves and run your finger inside the exhaust pipe to check the accumulated soot. If there is a large accumulation of soot, oil drip like a dark liquid, it may be just a mixture of condensation with soot that is stored there and it causes oil leakage.
  • Analyze the color of smoke coming from exhaust pipe: Put the car to work and observe the color of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. If the smoke is black, it means that the catalytic combustion is not fully burn the oil in the engine and sends it tailpipe. On the other hand, if the smoke is blue or gray, this means that the oil is a leak in the combustion chamber. Also note that if the leak is too large, the oil can drip directly from tailpipe.
  • Observe the oil rings on the piston in case of white smoke: When white smoke come out from exhaust pipe, it is necessary to check certain parts of the engine to find out where the fault. Check the combustion chamber which is located on the engine and look if there is any oil leakage. If it exists, this is a sign that the piston oil rings are damaged and this gives rise to the oil leak in the exhaust pipe. You must take your Porsche car to a professional mechanic or choose service center of certified Porsche dealer to immediately replace the piston oil rings and fix the respective problem of your Porsche exhaust system.

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Best Denver Chiropractor For Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder pain is usually caused by the improper shoulder position that puts pressure on the nerves and tendons of the rotator cuff causing it to swell and even (tendinitis) were injured. There are other possibilities that can cause shoulder pain:

  • Arthritis of the shoulder joints.
  • Bursitis, inflammation of a fluid-filled sac that is inside of joints and helps your shoulder move better.
  • Frozen shoulder syndrome, stiff tendons, muscles and ligaments of the shoulder that cause pain when moving.
  • Shoulder dislocation or fracture.

 Chiropractor For Shoulder Pain

All these problems come from poor alignment of the shoulder that wears clamp and tendons, muscles and nerves of the shoulder. It is also acknowledged that control the shoulder comes from the cervical nerves (neck) and back.

How can Chiropractic help with sore shoulders?

  • The chiropractic specialist will perform a series of neurological tests on the cervical and dorsal spine, to find out what nerves are pinched and what effect of the shoulder. It will also examine the mechanics and posture shoulder to check what changes should be introduced to reduce sore on the shoulder.
  • Making very accurate shoulder adjustments by using active release chiropractic techniques, chiropractic relieves pressure on the nerves and muscles to re-stabilize motion and right shoulder position.
  • To strengthen the shoulder movements the chiropractors perform some specific exercises in chiropractic sessions.

Best Denver chiropractor for shoulder pain treats successfully all shoulder related problems by using active release chiropractic techniques and also offers a free information session for you to know how a chiropractor can help for shoulder pain. To read more detailed info visit or call @ 303-300-0424 for a schedule visit.

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